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Prevention Program on HIV and AIDS Among Migrants and their Spouses in Kathmandu

Trishuli Plus has been working since its inception to improve quality of life of  People Living with HIV(PLHIV) and TB affected community and ensure their equal access to health services by providing preventive, promotive and curative services through community and right based approach. To accomplish the goal of  to National HIV and AIDS Control Program and contribute towards the NHSP targets of 95-95-95 and equitable access to HIV services, migrant project has been working to accelerate and scale up comprehensive HIV prevention programs among migrants and their spouses and expand access to and coverage of quality HIV testing and counseling along with referral services among migrants and their spouses through strengthened health and community systems.

1.1 Behavior Change communication

BCC is one of the major component of project delivered to enhance the knowledge and awareness on HIV and TB among the migrant population. BCC is provided to the target population, i.e., migrants and their spouses in two different ways.

  • One to One reach
  • Health Camps

1.2 HIV Testing 

Trishuli Plus have been conducting HIV test, followed by counselling to migrant population and their spouses. During testing, if anyone is detected to be HIV positive, they are referred to ART centers for treatment.  If any case is found positive in determined test, the case is further tested through determined test, Unigold test and statpaktest. If all these three tests found positive, the individual is confirmed as HIV positive and referred to ART.HIV testing is done through one-to-one reach as well as Health camps.

1.3 Mobile Health Camps 

Trishuli Plus has been conducting health camps among migrants and their spouses, every month for creating awareness about HIV and conducting HIV tests for case finding and referral of positive cases to ART as well as screening for TB. The main objective of the camp is to increase access to and coverage of quality HIV testing and counselling among migrants and their spouses.

Activities in the camp

  • BCC
  • Pre-test Counselling
  • Testing
  • Post-test Counselling
  • Report Handover


1.4 Condom and IEC materials Distribution 

Trishuli Plus has been providing IEC materials like pamphlets, posters and flyers containing information on HIV, TB, modes of transmission and preventive measures and condom to the target population for the prevention of HIV, TB and STIs. The main objective of condom promotion is to increase awareness and enhance knowledge on HIV, TB, and their prevention among migrant population of Kathmandu district

1.5 TB Screening

Trishuli Plus has been conducting TB screening among the migrant population. A standard set of questionnaire, related to the symptoms of TB is used for TB screening. If the answer is yes on at least any one of the questionnaire, the person is suspected to have TB and referred to the nearest health institution for further test and treatment. The main objective of TB screening was to increase access to timely diagnosis and treatment of TB and TB-HIV co-infection among the migrant population.

2. Care and Support Program for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV)

2.1 Community Care Center (CCC)

Trishuli plus has established Community care center (CCC) at Nuwakot, where PLHIVs are enrolled and stays in the shelter for different purpose like taking ART and lab tests, viral load testing for HIV. Food and shelter are provided to PLHIVs free of cost in CCC. It is equipped in terms of physical facilities, infrastructure and nutritional package required for the functional CCC for quality care and support services to PLHIV. The CCC is entirely managed by PLHIV team members so that new PLHIV feel comfortable to visit there further services. The CCC is equipped for the needful services like positive prevention, medical care, residential facility, nutritional support, and treatment literacy for ART
adherence, psychosocial counseling, care and support and other linkages for needful services
including treatment for TB-HIV co-infection with robust referral mechanism within and out
of district.

2.2 Community Home Based Care (CHBC)

CHBC is care in the home and community which responds to the physical, social, emotional
and spiritual needs of PLHA and family from diagnosis to death and through bereavement. It
aims to reduce suffering and increase quality of life by providing responsive care, increasing
self-care skills, linking clients to needed services and empowering PLHA and families to
manage HIV in the home and community. Trishuli Plus follows the national package of
CHBC for adherence, nutritional education, hygiene and sanitation, family planning, referral
and linking with Social services, emotional/spiritual support and counseling, infection
prevention and self-care to end of life.

2.3 Children Affected by AIDS(CABA) 

Trishuli plus has been providing support to children living with AIDS (CLHIVs) to enhance the health and development of children. Under CABA program, CLHIVs are supported through cash transfer program as well as nutritional support to children aged under 5 years.

2.4 Community led Testing (CLT)
Community-led HIV testing service is an approach to expand uptake of community-based HTS among populations with higher risk of HIV, particularly those who may not otherwise test for HIV. It has been proven to improve uptake of HIV testing, and improving linkages to treatment and care – early on. In this approach, recommended by WHO, trained lay providers conduct a screening test, using a HIV Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit (RDT). Trishuli Plus have been conducting HIV test and counseling to migrant population and their spouses. During testing, if anyone is found to be HIV positive, they are referred to ART centers for treatment.

2.5 Reactive Case finding