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Multi-stakeholder Meeting and Panel Discussion On TB CRG

Multi-stakeholder Meeting and Panel Discussion On TB CRG

  • February 6, 2024

“Multi-stakeholder Meeting and Panel Discussion On TB CRG “
On December 24th, a vibrant community gathered in Kathmandu, passionately dedicated to advancing TB awareness, community rights, and gender sensitivity. NTCC representatives, TB focal persons, and delegates from all seven Provincial Health Directorates, alongside CCM Nepal and DHO Kathmandu, joined hands in fostering a collaborative and dedicated environment.
The richness of our discussions was elevated by the invaluable presence of esteemed organizations such as WHO, Save the Children, FHI 360, AHF, NATA, TB Nepal, Jantra, BNMT, Herd International, MRC Nepal, BWSN, Sparsha Nepal, and more. Their collective expertise and unwavering commitment inspire us to continually strive for progress in our shared mission.
Trishuli Plus to shared pivotal recommendations stemming from in-depth assessment on TB community rights and gender dynamics. This effort seamlessly aligns with the UNHLM on TB Political Declaration which was presented by WHO, signifying a crucial moment in our shared commitment to transforming TB responses globally.
👏 We extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants and organizations for their steadfast support. Together, we stand at the forefront of transformative change, shaping a future where TB community rights are championed, and gender dynamics are comprehensively understood and addressed.